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Phi Boy
Digital Radius Gauge

Phi Boy

Now measurement of every Radius and Contour is possible
Phi-Boy is a revolutionary and easy to use digital gauge for both ID and OD as well as columnar, cylindrical, conical, and spherical shapes.

Phi Boy Features

3D shape ID / OD easy measurement and digital displaying

  • 3D shape R measurement

    3D shape R measurement

  • Arc inner diameter measurement

    Arc inner diameter measurement

  • Automobile hood R measurement

    Automobile hood R measurement

1. Operability Automatic readout mode*1 enables an easy and quick onsite measurement.
2. Economy Measurement of both inner and outer radii is accomplished with one unit.
Measurement of both small and large work pieces is accomplished by just changing attachments.
3. Accuracy Within +/- 0.01mm (lower accuracy for larger objects)
4. Partial Measurement No need to measure the entire work surface.
5. Measurement Range 20mm to 10,000mm (10 meters)
6. Alarm*2 Warning buzzer goes off and lamp comes on when the reading exceeds the preset minimum / maximum.
7. Calculation Calculates and indicates both radius and diameter, average value, and standard deviation.
8. Recordability Storage of up to 5 readings.
Printouts the individual readings, average, the size of base attachment (L and R) and data.
9. Gradual R Measurement*3 Measures continually varying radius using a base attachment with spherical contact legs.
10. Waviness Measures waviness and gyration on flats, columns, and spheres.

*1. Automatically accepts a "h" value (or max. peak or min. valley) when the extended line from the measuring tip to the center.
*2. Applicable for detecting machining errors, routine radius check and go / no-go decision making for mass-production items.
*3. Indicate the true radius, which goes through the two legs of the base attachment, indicator contact tip in contact with work piece.

Phi Boy Applications

  • Waviness on finished surface

    Waviness on finished surface

  • Molds and Dies radius

    Molds and Dies radius

  • TV Display radius

    TV Display radius

  • Woodworking or craft products radius

    Woodworking or craft products radius

  • Bent pipe radius

    Bent pipe radius

  • Roll forming gradual radius

    Roll forming gradual radius

Phi Boy Measuring Examples

  • Phi Boy Measuring Examples

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