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Vibrational Stress Relief


VibroDyn is an equipment to alleviate or remove internal stress in metals using vibrational energy
The resonance waveform can be visualized by a simple operation, and the natural resonance point of the workpiece can be detected and easily processed with vibration effective for stress reduction.

VibroDyn Features

Significant reduction in processing time and outsourcing cost

Repeated heating and cooling seen in the processes, machining, welding, casting, etc., generates internal stress and causes distortion and cracks. In general, the stress is relieved by heat treatment in annealing furnaces, but VibroDyn does it comparably good without using heat or space-energy-consuming facilities

In addition, VibroDyn process is a shorter leading-time and 1/10 costs of equipment and processing comparing to heat treatment, and energy consumption is less than 1/100 earth environment-friendly Eco Machine.

VibroDyn is a newer Vibrational Metal Internal Stress Relief and Metal Stabilization equipment.

Activates atomic movements and corrects defects in atomic structure

Residual stress is synonymous with lattice defects on metal's atom arrangement.
To relieve the stress, heat treatment is often used in general but physical vibration is also able to correct the lattice imperfection and relieve internal stress.

Three theories are reported below.

1. Effective Number of Vibration (Vibration at a resonance point is optimal for stress relief)
2. Resonance Point Movement (Resonance point moves down along the degree of stress relief)
3. Resonance Point Stability (Resonance Point will be stable since stress relieved)

Processing Methods

Scan1 Resonance Range Measurement 
To measure frequency of a point of increasing vibration amplitude (FL1) and a resonance point (FH1).
Run1 Vibration (Stress Relief)
To vibrate for 15 - 30 min. during frequency of FL1 and FH1.
Scan2 Resonance Range Remeasurement
To measure FL2 and FH2.
Run2 Re-Vibration (Stability Confirmation)
Final measurement of Resonance Point (Finish Processing)
Scan3 Final measurement of Resonance Point (Finish Processing)
To be closed the processing when FH3 and FH2 are coincidence. To repeat the process "4" to "5" till coincide with FHn-1.
In VibroDyn, the resonance zone (Resonance Zone) between the frequency (FL: Frequency Low) at the point where the amplitude starts to rise and the frequency (FH: Frequency High) at the resonance point when the frequency of the work is gradually increased.
Vibration is processed with the frequency of reciprocating

Stress Occurrences Causes & Issues

Stress Occurrences Causes Machining
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment
Stress Issues Distortion
Stress Corrosion
Fatigue Fracture
Brittle Fracture
Heat Treatment

Actual measurement result

  • About 90Mpa compression

    Annealed material

    About 90Mpa compression
  • About 230Mpa compression

    Quenched material

    About 230Mpa compression
  • About 250Mpa compression

    Tempered material

    About 250Mpa compression
  • =Before processing
    =After processing

Sample Material Heat treatment Grinding Condition Vibration frequency (Hz) Change in stress after vibration
1 SKD61 Untreated Grinding Machining after purchase 14 to 16 200Mpa compression
2 SKD61 Annealed, Furnace cooling Prefinished Annealing 90Mpa compression
3 SKD61 Quenched Grinding Machining after quenching 230Mpa compression
4 SKD61 Quenched, Tempered Grinding Before nitriding 250Mpa compression
5 SKD61 Mold Finish Over 5,000 shots 152Mpa compression

Material that can be processed

Low / medium / high carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, Inconel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, cast iron, cast steel, aluminum die casting / casting products, forged products and their welded structures, etc.

Heat treatment and VibroDyn comparison

Process / Items VibroDyn Heat treatment
Transportation Equipment is movable to the site of objects without any time and cost of transportation. Time and cost necessary for transportation of objects to a vendor.
Size Able to process large or heavy objects, dealing part by part of a large object in several times. The size of annealing furnace is limited, and a large object can not be accommodated.
Time Generally, this process will be done within 1 hour. Processing time taking longer and lead-time might be an issue.
Problems These problems are not occurred by this process. Hardness change, oxidization, scale formation, etc.
Equipment Cost The cost is 1/10 or less comparing to Heat Treatment. Require expensive capital investment.
Skill Easy operation and no advanced technology and skills required. Advance technology and skills are required.

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