Deposeries Coating & Overlay Depo SeriesElectro-Spark Deposition Device

Product Outline

Depo Series Principles

Depo Series are used for depositing consumable electrode made of alloys and intermetallic compounds on the work piece by means of electric spark at frequency of 10-3to 10-1sec. for 10-6to 10-5sec. spark. Direct current from the power supply will heat the electrode to 8,000 to 25,000oC only at the contact area and transfer a small quantity of the electrodes to the work piece under an ionized state and produces a strong metallurgical bonding.

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Low Heat Input Reasons
Deposeries Coating

Spark Time (St) is extremely short time compared to Interval Time (It). And no heat accumulation occurrs during diffusion and deposition periods.

Strong Bonding Reasons

Strong Bonding of the transferred electrode material occurrs due to instantly melting of the electrode upon each Spark and generating of plasma atmosphere.
(* Refer to Reaction Area Schematic View)

Applicable Substrates

Low carbon steels, medium carbon steels, tool steels, die and mold steels, cast steels, stainless steels, Al alloys, Cu alloys, Ni electrocasting molds, Cu electrocasting molds, and most of electric conduction materials.

Depo Series Advantages

Hight Quality&High Performance Procedure

  • ① Extremely low heat input eliminates distortion, shrinkage, under-cut, and internal stress.
  • ② Provides excellent strong bonding by the formation of diffusion layer.
  • ③ Expecting procedure is possible to adjust Coating roughness and surface roughness by power output and frequency.
  • ④ High Power Coating allows thick coating and deep diffusion layers to hold out the characteristics.
  • ⑤ By using various applicators, it is possible to proceed by the purpose.
  • ⑥ Shielding gas (Argon etc.) avoids oxidation during operation to provide high quality Coating and Overlay possible.


  • ① Preventive maintenance by Coating for Diecasting and Casting Dies.
  • ② Forming molds and dies Overlay repairing
  • ③ Machinery parts on-site repairing
  • ④ Press bending-squeezing dies Overlay repairing and Coating for scum riser prevention
  • ⑤ Defects repairing of Al alloys and Cu alloys casting products.
  • ※And more variety applications are available.

Wide Range Adaptability

  • ① Portable and usable at anywhere with 100 - 200V power supply.
  • ② Possible to process only for required area without dis-assembled a large work.
  • ③ No pre-heating and post-heating treatment required for the work and may improve work efficiency.
  • ④ Overlay amount is able to controlled by 0.1mm and low excess Overlay amount to reduce finishing time.
  • ⑤ Reprocessing is possible on wearing at processed area.
  • Overlay Repairing only at where required
  • →
  • Shortening finishing time


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