Motorized Workstation

Motorized Workstation
Dimension W700 × L700 × H min.800 to max.1300mm
Weight 87kg
Movement range X140 Y130 Z600mm
Back-and-forth sliding distance 740mm
Head rotation ±90°
Z-axis revolution ±180°
Reference workpiece size X1500 × Y1500 × Z1100mm
A motorized work station capable of three-axis feed, back-and-forth sliding, and z-axis revolution.
It allows you to move the laser head to the desired position using a remote control without having to move the workpiece, resulting in improved workability on large workpieces.


Movable Scope X250 × Y130 × Z300mm (Bed: W500 × L350mm)
Max.Loading Capacity 40kg
Dimension W500 × L400 × H620mm
Weight 45kg

Camera / Lens

  • CMOS Camera/CCD Camera/Camera Mount

    CMOS Camera / CCD Camera / Camera Mount

    Monitor observation with CCD Camera
  • Angle Lens

    Angle Lens

    Rotate: 360°/ Angle: 0-40°
  • Inclination Microscope

    Inclination Microscope

    Adjustable angle from 0°to 30°for Operator's Physique and Head Angle
  • Zoom Lens

    Zoom Lens

    Adjustable Zoom Lens from ×6 to ×80

Various Jigs

  • Universal Jig

    Universal Jig

    Dimensions: dia. 150mm × H90mm
    Angle: Fixable at the desired angle
    Contact Surface: dia. 100mm (Magnet type)
  • Rotational Angular jig

    Rotational Angular jig

    Dimensions: W142 × L198 × H116mm
    Angle: Between 0°and 90°
    Chuck rotation: 360°
    Grippable size (mm): Outside dia. 2 to 55
    Inside dia. 22 to 100

Overlay / Welding Wires

Overlay / Welding Wires
Straight wires are provided, which are easy to handle and do not produce much waste.
Wire: 500 mm long (10 wires included)
Code No. Material dia. 0.2mm dia. 0.3mm dia. 0.4mm dia. 0.5mm
SKD61 SKD-61
NAK80 NAK-80
420J2 13 Chrome Steel 
MAS1 Maraging Steel
CRM Chromium-Molybdenum Steel
PX5 PX-5
SKD11 SKD-11
SKH51 SKH-51
PB Phosphor Bronze
CUAL Copper-Aluminum Alloy
S50C S50C
CUBE Beryllium Copper
SCM440 SCM-440
SUS304 SUS 304
SUS316L SUS 316L 
SUS630 SUS 630
Hastelloy C-276 Hastelloy C-276
SS400 SS400
AL4043 Aluminum 4043
AL1070 Aluminum 1070
Ti-6AL-4V Titanium Alloy
HSS High-Speed Steel
WCF-01 Tungsten-Carbide
STL6 Stellite No.6

〇: Length 500mm (10 pcs.)
●: Length 5m (bobbin wound)
□: Length 300mm (10 pcs.)

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