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Exhibition Information

Having opportunities to try to operate actual products
TechnoCoat participates to many exhibitions in the world. Dedicated staffs from TechnoCoat or distributors visit for demonstration or inviting to show rooms.

Demonstrations available!

  • 〈Exhibition Demo〉

    〈Exhibition Demo〉
    Participating to many exhibitions in the world

    Exhibited at many domestic and overseas exhibitions.
    May experience our products by touching and operating the actual products.
    Our staff would like to explain and advise how the products are effectively usable for you.
  • 〈Visiting Demo〉

    〈Visiting Demo〉
    Visiting for demo at everywhere

    Would like to visit or invite to show rooms for actual demonstration to be convinced perfectly our products.


Ask us for〈Live Demo〉!

In addition to the conventional demonstration, TechnoCoat has started a new "Live Demonstration" on the Internet.
May easily view Demonstration on computer without time and place no matter.

Please feel free to use it for considering or learning more products details about TechnoCoat Products.

  • 1. No matter for Time and Place!

    May watch the demo at convenience without time and place no matter.

  • 2. More understandable!

    May confirm the product details unknowable from catalog or web-site from convenient place and time.

  • 3. Supports
    non-face-to-face contact!

    Even that have been unaccepting any business visits situations can still have face-to-face business negotiations.

Real-time Demonstration by actual Welding and Overlay

  • Real-time Demonstration by actual Welding and Overlay

    〈Recommendable most proper product〉

    Skilled staff proposes a proper product by technical communication directly.
  • Real-time Demonstration by actual Welding and Overlay

    〈Perform in an actual work environment〉

    Perform on the work to Weld and Overlay in an actual or similar work environment.

Recommended for

Losing opportunity to watch a demo due to exhibition cancellation
Unaccepting business visits but would like to see effective products
Would like to learn more detailed explanations not only on the site and catalog…
Would like to consult directly with engineer to solvable or not for own issues…
Would like to actually see usability of product under consideration…

〈Live Demonstration〉Available Products

Easy Application Steps

  • STEP.1 Please apply from a below foam.
  • STEP.2 A dedicated URL will be sent until the demo date .
  • STEP.3 Click the dedicated URL above at the demonstration date and time
  • (Follow the onscreen instructions to install to be able to join the web conference)

Preparation Items - Laptop, Desk Top PC, Tablet etc.…*
- Internet Connection

*Only voice call is available in case of no camera and microphone.
Usage tool Zoom (Web Conference Tool)
*No required registration and setting

◎Click here for camera and audio connection test〈

Live Demonstration Application Form