VibroDyn Vibrational Stress Relief VibroDyn Vibrational Stress Relief VibroDyn Vibrational Stress Relief

Product Outline

Vibrational Stress Relief

VibroDyn is an equipment 
to alleviate or remove internal stress in metals using vibrational energy.


Repeated heating and cooling seen in the processes, machining, welding, casting, etc., generates internal stress and causes distortion and cracks.

In general, the stress is relieved by heat treatment in annealing furnaces, but VibroDyn does it comparably good without using heat or space-energy-consuming facilities.

In addition, VibroDyn process is a shorter leading-time and 1/10 costs of equipment and processing comparing to heat treatment, and energy consumption is less than 1/100 earth environment-friendly Eco Machine.
VibroDyn is a newer Vibrational Metal Internal Stress Relief and Metal Stabilization equipment.

VibroDyn Process Principles

Residual stress is synonymous with lattice defects on metal's atom arrangement. To relieve the stress, heat treatment is often used in general but physical vibration is also able to correct the lattice imperfection and relieve internal stress.

3 Theories

  • 1Effective Number of Vibration
  • 2Resonance Point Movement
  • 3Resonance Point Stability

The amplitude spectrum of vibration frequencies around a resonance point is represented by a hill curve. To meet the phenomena, VibroDyn is designed to reciprocate the frequency in the range between the foot (FL) and top (FH) of the hill.

Processing Method

Process Details Schematic View
Resonance Range MeasurementTo measure frequency of a point of increasing vibration amplitude (FL1) and a resonance point (FH1). Scan1
Vibration (Stress Relief)To vibrate for 15 - 30 min. during frequency of FL1 and FH1. Run1
Resonance Range RemeasurementTo measure FL2 and FH2. Scan2
Re-Vibration (Stability Confirmation)Final measurement of Resonance Point (Finish Processing) Run2
Final measurement of Resonance Point (Finish Processing)To be closed the processing when FH3 and FH2 are coincidence. To repeat the process "4" to "5" till coincide with FHn-1. Scan3
Schematic View of VibroDyn process

Stress Occurrence Causes & Issues

Applicable Substrates

Low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steel, manganese steel, inconel, Al alloys, Ti alloys, cast iron, cast steel, Al diecasting, casting, forgings, those welded structure.

Heat Treatment and VibroDyn Comparison




Heat Treatment VibroDyn
1  Transportation  Time and cost necessary for transportation of objects to a vendor.  Equipment is movable to the site of objects without any time and cost of transportation.
2  Size  The size of annealing furnace is limited, and a large object can not be accommodated.  Able to process large or heavy objects, dealing part by part of a large object in several times.
3  Time  Processing time taking longer and lead-time might be an issue.  Generally, this process will be done within 1 hour.
4  Problems  Hardness change, oxidization, scale formation, etc.  These problems are not occurred by this process.
5  Equipment Cost  Require expensive capital investment  The cost is 1/10 or less comparing to Heat Treatment.
6  Skill  Advance technology and skills are required.  Easy operation and no advanced technology and skills required.
7  Pollution  It affects earth environment due to large-scale energy consumption; electric, gas, petroleum.  The energy consumption is about 1/100 comparing to Heat Treatment without any affects to earth environment.


A . Machining

'VibroDyn shows its significance in pre-finish or post-finish stress relief operation. The relief improves the accuracy of measurement of machined objects, which consequently shortens the time and labor of the machining. What's more, it is good for preventing internal warp and cracks and for improving fatigue resistivity.

B . Welding

n the argon, arc, gas or plasma welding. Vibration applied during welding and cooling time makes crystal grain size smaller and improves the characteristics of welded portions and the vicinities, preventing internal warp and cracks and enhancing fatigue resistively. It is a byproduct that welding is realized with less electric power if done together with vibration, consequently less preheat energy is needed and a subsequent cooling time is shortened.

C. Al Diecasting / Casting Dies

Accumulated stress occurrs Heat Checks on surface of Al Diecasting and Casting Dies by repeating Heating (expansion) and Cooling (shrinkage) of these every production cycle.
VibroDyn process is recommended to execute to the die periodically at every 50% numbers of shots to reduce stress, and extending the die's life longer. And in a meantime, reducing die's distorsion to keep the accuracy of the product possible.

App. Examples

Many other applications might be considered. Please contact us about your problem.

Type Part Name Wt(kgs) Materials Purpose / Effects
Diecasting Al Diecasting Die 500 SKD-61 Heat Check prevention, products accuracy improvement, during die producing and periodically execution after operation, and during welding repairing to extend the die's life longer.
Casting Casting products 30 FC, ADC Execution immediately after casting and processing before and after to improve accuracy and reducing man-hours.
Molds Mfg. Plastic Injection Molds 2,000 SKD-61 Execute before and after processing to improve processing accuracy and reducing man-hours. And to prevent distorsion by overlay welding of design chnages etc.
Repair Welding Forging Machine Ram 5,000 SC Execute during Ram's cracking repairng from starting to the period (cooling) to prevent distorsion and under-cut with reducing pre-heating and post-heating temperature.
Valve Mfg. Large Valve 1,000 SUS Casting Execute before and after processing to improve adjusting accuracy of sheet surface and gate.
Automobile Mfg. Automotive Outer Panel Press Die 3,000 FCD Processing tolerance improvement, man-hours reducing, before and after overlay welding, and distorsion prevention after operation.
Machine Tool Slide Rail 5,000 FC Grinding accuracy improvement, processing man-hours reducing, and distorsion prevention during transportaion and after operation.
Tank Mfg. Tank Frame 10,000 SS Execute during welding assembly to improve accuracy.
Industrial Machinery Mfg. Steel Plate Column 7,000 SS Execute processing during welding to improve weldability and accuracy.
Generator Mfg. Turbine Housing 25,000 FC Execute just after casting or before and after processing to improve accuracy, also reducing man-hours and prevent distorsion after operation.
Construction Machine Repair Bucket 1,000 Mn Alloy Execute processing at joint and overlay welding to prevent distorsion and cracking.
Shipbuilding Al Board Ship Hull   Al Execute during Al welding to improve weldability and to prevent distorsion.


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