Smart Laser Fiber Laser Overlay / Welding System


Portable Fiber Laser Overlay/Welding Equipment  TL-150LD/300LD Smart Laser

Smart Laser Features

Compact, Lightweight, Portable, and Maintenance-Free

It is movable to the work, and able to repair impossible disassembly and
transportation huge size work and equipments at on-site.
No required Chiller by simple structure, Less Replacement Parts, and Maintenance-Free

Corresponding to variety work

Laser head with a combination of peripheral equipment is able to accommodate a variety of work from large to small and precision.

Beam Quality Improvement

Comparing to YAG Laser, Beam Quality is improved (M2=1.1), and optimum to finer and precision welding.

Wavefoam Controll Possible

Equipped Wavefoam Controll Function, a variety of materials, a wide range welding conditions are possible to support.
Crack prevention effect of high hardness material Overlay, and improve weldability of Al and Cu alloys.

Pulse Wavefoam Controll

Wavefoam input by Power Supply Unit Remote Controller (Touch Panel)

Pulse / Continuous Wave Available

Possible to switch to Pulse (QCW) or Continuous Wave (CW) depending on application.

Lower Running Cost

Comparing to YAG Laser, higher energy conversion efficiency, and possible to reduce electric power comsumption drastically. (about 1/6)

Smart Laser Applications

  • ① Overlay Repairing (Small Precision - Huge Size Work)
  • ② Spot and Seam Welding (Small / Thin)
  • ③ Overlay and Welding of Dissimilar Metals
  • ④ Overlay and Welding of High Hardness Materials
  • ⑤ Higher Performance Coating Layer Creation (Laser Coating)
  • ⑥ Cutting (Thin)
  • ⑦ Hardening
  • ⑧ Soldering and Brazing


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