Digital Radius Gauge PhyBoy PhyBoy Digital Radius Gauge

Product Outline

World's 1st! Digital Radius Gauge

Product Outline

Now measurement of every radius and contour is possible !

Phi-Boy is a revolutionary and easy to use digital gauge for both ID and OD as well as columnar, cylindrical, conical, and spherical shapes.

  • phyBoyRadius measurement of 3-dimensional object
  • phyBoyRadius measurement using partial arc
  • phyBoyRadius measurement of automobile hood


1 Easy and Quick Operation  Automatic readout mode *1 enables an easy and quick onsite measurement.
2 Economy  Measurement of both inner and outer radii is accomplished with one unit. Measurement of both small andlarge work pieces is accomplished by just changing attachments.
3 Accuracy  Within +/- 0.01mm (lower accuracy for larger objects)
4 Measurement
through Partial Arc
 No need to measure the entire work surface.
5 Measurable Diameter  20mm to 10,000mm (10 meters)
6 Alarm*2  Warning buzzer goes off and lamp comes on when the reading exceeds the preset minimum/maximum.
7 Calculating Functions   Calculates and indicates both radius and diameter, average value, and standard deviation.
8 Data Storage and
 Storage of up to 5 readings. Printouts the individual readings, average,
the size of base attachment (L and R) and data.
9 Measurement of
Changing Radius *3
 Measures continually varying radius using a base attachment with spherical contact legs.
10 Waviness  Measures waviness and gyration on flats, columns, and spheres.


  • phyboyMeasurement of waviness on finished surface
  • phyboyMeasurement of mold radius
  • phyboyMeasurement of radius for TV Display
  • phyboyMeasurement of radius on wood or art products
  • phyboyMeasurement of radius for bent pipe
  • phyboyMeasurement of changing radius during roll forming
    Henkō suru R sunpō-kei

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